A Java library for graphene blockchains such as Bitshares. Mobile apps, embedded systems, etc.

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A Java library for mobile app Developers; Graphene/Bitshares blockchain.


In your root build.gradle, add this if you don't already have it.

allprojects {
    repositories {

In your app module, add the following dependency:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.bilthon:graphenej:0.4.2'


Very simple funds transfer

This is a simple transfer operation of 1 BTS from account bilthon-15 to bilthon-5

// Creating a transfer operation
TransferOperation transferOperation = new TransferOperationBuilder()
        .setTransferAmount(new AssetAmount(UnsignedLong.valueOf(100000), new Asset("1.3.0")))
        .setSource(new UserAccount("1.2.143563"))       // bilthon-15
        .setDestination(new UserAccount("1.2.139313"))  // bilthon-5
        .setFee(new AssetAmount(UnsignedLong.valueOf(264174), new Asset("1.3.0")))
// Adding operations to the operation list
ArrayList<BaseOperation> operationList = new ArrayList<>();

// Creating a transaction instance
Transaction transaction = new Transaction(sourcePrivateKey, null, operationList);

From here on out, it is just a matter of creating a websocket connection and using a custom handler called

java // Setting up a secure websocket connection. SSLContext context = null; context = NaiveSSLContext.getInstance("TLS"); WebSocketFactory factory = new WebSocketFactory(); factory.setSSLContext(context);

WebSocket mWebSocket = factory.createSocket(FULL_NODE_URL);

mWebSocket.addListener(new TransactionBroadcastSequence(transaction, new Asset("1.3.0"), listener)); mWebSocket.connect(); ```

The provided listener is an instance of the class WitnessResponseListener.