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  Agorise 1472282e31 Update LICENSE 4 years ago
  Agorise dceaa02082 Update LICENSE 5 years ago
  Agorise 66bb509071 Update LICENSE 5 years ago
  Agorise 308e520537 Update LICENSE 5 years ago
  John Jones d690e2093d minor change to makefile 6 years ago
  John Jones b1845aad5f compiler switch for c99 6 years ago
  ken Code 19e32f9416 Update LICENSE 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 3b49ac2c5d Better allocation of memory for strings with zero bytes 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 8d966178f4 minor change to aide in reverse engineering protobufs 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 5eeae56378 Fixed bug with field type and added program to disassemble a protobuf 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 391bfce39b Added method to keep the interface consistent 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 3ddd63afb7 Only write if > 0 bytes 6 years ago
  John Jones 16cac29f57 Small clarification to aid in debugging 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta ff50be52e6 Merge branch 'master' of 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 2d926dbd21 added encode / decode for length delimited fields 6 years ago
  John Jones 6907369aaf Fixed memory leaks in tests 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 9983fbbb83 Fixed protobuf bugs and added 3rd example of a complex object 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta a443c699cf Added a more complex example. See Test3_protobuf.c 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 69a6f1516f Moved tests to seperate directory 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 016d4e26df Merge branch 'master' of 6 years ago
  jmjatlanta 9b81ab4c48 Implementation of a simple Protobuf in C. 6 years ago
  ken Code 2801b779f8 Update 6 years ago
  ken Code c225714d33 Create LICENSE 6 years ago
  ken Code 638cff7b2c Initial commit 6 years ago