2016-11-10 13:38:23 +02:00

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  • Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux/Openbsd based systems (probably more)
  • Finished Base58.h Encryption/Decryption Algorhytm
  • Finished Endian.h Library for automating compiling for Linux/Mac/Windows
  • Finished Varhexutils - Different conversion algorhytms between bytes and strings etc.
  • Finsihed Varint.h - Conversion from Hex
  • Finished Protocols.h - Library for loading protocols & manipulating them easily.
  • Finished: Multiaddr.h (easy library for developers)
  • Finished: Protoutils.h Converting from string to hex/binary, analizing strings/bin for validity,parsing ipv4,etc.
  • Finished: Readme - Documentation on how to use everything so any new developer can easily use all of this

Secondary things that might need to be implemented:

  • Protocols, everything except IP4,TCP,UDP,IPFS - These we actually need.
  • Few issues that are not urgent:
    • Decapsulation of tunneled protocols doesn't work, this will be fixed if needed in multiaddr.h/m_decapsulate
    • Endianness Check - protoutils.h/in protocols UDP,TCP