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and added possibility to change worker `name` field.
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BSIP: 0028
Title: Worker Proposal Improvements
Authors: Bill Butler <>
Status: Draft
Type: Protocol
Created: 2017-11-11
Worker: TBD


Worker Proposals can be posted without a reference to a description of the proposal. It should be possible to update the reference regardless of the state of the worker proposal. There are also cases where proposed workers that fail to get voted in or get superceded by another worker continue to be visible. This isn't a huge problem at the moment, but it is an important housekeeping operation as we move forward.


Having clearly defined eligible proposed and active WP's is critical to proper governance.


Either Committee or WP Issuer should have the abiity to retire a WP. I could make the argument that the WP Issuer should be able to retire their WP at any time whether it's active or not.


Current Design and Implementation

Worker Proposals cannot be updated at all

Proposed Changes


  • Allow description of the WP to updated.
  • Allow WP Issuer ability to retire WP
  • Possibly allow Committee to retire inactive WP


  • Add bool field removed to worker object.
  • Add check to db_maint.cpp to skip workers in removed state.
  • Don't allow votes to workers in removed state(account_evaluator.cpp).
  • Create operation worker_update. Op will allow to change only the name, url and the removed object fields from the worker (track the change in operation). Can follow committee_member_update or similars.
  • Implement new operation as a command to cli_wallet available for the worker issuer.
  • Allow committee to use worker_update against any worker proposal. Need more discussion on how it can be done.

Requires hardfork.


Summary for Shareholders

[to be added]


This document is placed in the public domain.