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BSIP: 13
Title: Disable negative voting on workers
Authors: Daniel Larimer <>
Status: Installed
Type: Protocol
Created: 2015-03-09


This proposal fixes a potential attack vector that might be exploited by rich shareholders that hold more collective voting power than the last approved worker (usually a refund/burn worker).


A whale of a group of whales can take funds from the reserve pool by creating a worker and instantly approve it with his stake. Shareholders and proxies can disapprove the new worker but only have a small time-window before the attacker makes a profit.


Pro-active downvoting is a losing proposition. An attacker can create 1000 workers and the network will not allow you to down-vote so many workers. The only real solution is to upvote refund workers or removing DOWNVOTING is the actual solution to this attack.

Since upvoting of refund workers results in a higher barrier of entry for new legit workers, the solution proposed here is to remove down voting entirely.

Furthermore, a negative vote is equivalent with upvoting all alternatives and results in slightly narrower gaps between votes. It compares pretty will with comparing -1 with +1 (currently) and 0 with +1 as in this proposal.


This proposal could be implemented by removing the ability to cast negative votes or by not taking negative votes into consideration during vote counting in the maintenance interval.


This document is placed in the public domain.