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BSIP: 0003
Title: Maker / Taker Market Fees Flag
Authors: Daniel Larimer <>
         Fabian Schuh <>
Status: Deferred
Type: Protocol
Created: 2015-12-16
Worker: not available yet


Under this proposal, an asset issuer could enable a flag on their asset that would not charge any market fees for open orders. The market fee would only be charged to the taker (the individual whose new order is actively being matched).


This would incentivise people to leave orders on the books (it is cheaper). The only person who would pay a fee would be the one who wants immediate liquidity.



Since this feature does nothing unless the asset issuer updates the asset flags to enable this feature, we can leave it to the committee to decide (as this is a fee related question). In this way the community (via committee) has control.


This document is placed in the public domain.