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@ -33,7 +33,9 @@ Op-Code | Description | Op-Code | Description
39 | transfer_to_blind_operation | 49 (placeholder) | transfer_to_ca_blind_operation
40 | blind_transfer_operation | 50 (placeholder) | ca_blind_transfer_operation
41 | transfer_from_blind_operation | 51 (placeholder) | transfer_from_ca_blind_operation
| | | 52 (placeholder) | ct_to_ca_blind_transfer_operation
On the left are CT operations, whose outputs are value-blinded commitments. On the right are the corresponding CA operations, whose outputs are value-and-asset-blinded commitments. Of special note is op 52, which takes value-blinded CT inputs and outputs value-and-asset-blinded outputs. (As an alternative, op 50 could be made flexible enough to accept either CT or CA inputs, if this proves feasible.) As CA is seen as an upgrade to CT, no op-code is here proposed for transfering from CA back to CT, however in the event of market demand such an operation could be coded.
### Proposed operation: transfer_to_ca_blind_operation (Public to Blind)