Op-codes for CA operations, outline.

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## Rationale
## Specifications
We propose to add the following three CA operations to the set of valid operations declared in graphene::chain::operation (chain/protocol/operations.hpp). The new CA operations are shown here side by side with their CT equivalents:
Op-Code | Description | Op-Code | Description
39 | transfer_to_blind_operation | 49 (placeholder) | transfer_to_ca_blind_operation
40 | blind_transfer_operation | 50 (placeholder) | ca_blind_transfer_operation
41 | transfer_from_blind_operation | 51 (placeholder) | transfer_from_ca_blind_operation
### Proposed operation: transfer_to_ca_blind_operation (Public to Blind)
### Proposed operation: ca_blind_transfer_operation (Blinded to Blind)
### Proposed operation: transfer_from_ca_blind_operation (Blind to Public)
## Discussion
### Compatibility with ring-signature scheme
The Op-Code additions and specifications provided in this document do not conflict with or depend on the details of the ring-signature proposals in [BSIP-1202](bsip-1202.md), as they effect different substructures of the Transaction structure, and therefore both proposals can be implemented independently. This document specifies structures within the Operations vector within a Transaction structure, whereas the ring signature scheme would change the Signatures vector.
(TODO: Check whether preceding is true, i.e. that the operation structure is independent of signature method. If it is not true, include here a discussion of what else might need to be included in the structure, so that a decision can be made as to whether the two features would be best developed in parallel, or whether ring-sigs could be implemented subsequently as an "upgrade" to CA.)
## Summary for Shareholders
## Copyright