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  Agorise b1f7d607ee Update LICENSE 4 years ago
  Agorise a271e08996 Update LICENSE 5 years ago
  Agorise 028223e46a Update LICENSE 5 years ago
  Agorise 4d46d86514 Update LICENSE 5 years ago
  jmjatlanta 4c457c1dd3 Better error reporting 5 years ago
  jmjatlanta 3b178a142d Added helper method to compare ipfs address without IP address 5 years ago
  John Jones c2f2c0c2da Added a compare method 5 years ago
  jmjatlanta c434fbd160 Fixed warnings 5 years ago
  John Jones 86d3cd422e Fixed memory leak and most compiler warnings 5 years ago
  John Jones 58a6240af9 Fixed bug on odd byte ip addresses 5 years ago
  John Jones 7c6bd1e36b Added sanity check 6 years ago
  John Jones d6877b995c Fixed initialization bug 6 years ago
  John Jones 603ed1d72f Fixed multiaddress_get_peer_id to return allocated memory 6 years ago
  John Jones f0961a247f Multiaddress stability fixes 6 years ago
  John Jones c96c1db14c Now handling zeros in address correctly 6 years ago
  John Jones 4cbcf6be3d Test that proves MultiAddress not handling 0s properly 6 years ago
  John Jones 615adc86ef Added ability to parse out peer id 6 years ago
  John Jones e9636e642f Fixed udp bug 6 years ago
  John Jones e90434ba61 strtok_r only by declaration 6 years ago
  John Jones d09c4a0d76 added string tokenizer for c99 6 years ago
  John Jones e935335964 c99 6 years ago
  John Jones 7fb89918f8 Parsing of IP adresses is now easier 6 years ago
  John Jones e914307a4d Added some utility methods to make parsing easier 6 years ago
  John Jones 0bbca7bc27 Small comment change 6 years ago
  John Jones 7da26ca04d Minor tweak to get rid of compiler warning 6 years ago
  John M. Jones ba234206a2 Merge pull request #6 from xethyrion/master 6 years ago
  xethyrion 6274997560 Fixed everything.. as far as I can tell.. 6 years ago
  xethyrion 2dab592164 How it should be used 6 years ago
  xethyrion 10302dd4b1 Update 6 years ago
  xethyrion 43a19d7c61 Updated to current version 6 years ago