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BitShares Improvement Protocol

BSIP stands for BitShares Improvement Proposal. A BSIP is a design document providing information to the BitShares community, or describing a new feature for BitShares or its processes or environment. BSIPs provide a concise technical specification of features and a rationale for them.

The distinct document BSIP Purpose and Guidelines gives a more detailed explanation.

Available BSIPs

Number Title Owner Type Status
1 BSIP Purpose and Guidelines Fabian Schuh Informational Draft
2 Refund Create Order Fees on Cancel Daniel Larimer Protocol Draft
3 Maker / Taker Market Fees Flag Daniel Larimer Protocol Deferred
4 Distribute Market Fees on Core Asset to Referral Program Daniel Larimer Protocol Draft
5 Expiring Votes for Witnesses Daniel Larimer Protocol Draft
6 Market Maker Incentivization Daniel Larimer Protocol Draft
7 Fee Backed Assets (FBA) Daniel Larimer Protocol Draft
8 Privacy (STEALTH) Mode Daniel Larimer Protocol Draft
9 Benefit Society Fabian Schuh Protocol Draft
10 Percentage-based transfer fee solution based on CER Jakub Zarembinski Protocol Draft
11 On Demand Voting Daniel Larmier Protocol Draft
12 Hardfork Precdure Proposal Fabian Schuh Informational Draft