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Discussion: <>
Worker: tbd
Worker: 1.14.18
# Abstract
@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ account has to be made in private.
## GUI Mockup
The goal of this proposal is to have a frontend developed (or integrated into an
The goal of this proposal is to have a front end developed (or integrated into an
existing web wallet) that allows ordinary people to use the privacy mode without
further knowledge about the underlying technology. Thus, a proposal for the user
interface has been drafted and is attached to this proposal as
@ -140,6 +140,16 @@ will have the power to set the fee.
* Cryptonomex does the development and testing of the feature: *(4 to 6 weeks)*
* Hard fork for implementation of the feature: *Monday Feb, 15th*
# Worker Proposal
The worker proposal `1.14.18` is dedicated to poll shareholders about their
willingness to implement the Privacy Mode feature in a hard fork. It serves the
private investor as an indicator whether shareholders would appreciate his
investment and agree to upgrade the protocol accordingly.
Since the implementation is funded by a private investor, the worker only pays
approx. $300.
# Discussion
For the best user experience this proposal is best combined with proposal for
@ -157,6 +167,37 @@ pay 15x more for a Private transfer than a Public transfer.
Percentage based fees are not possible with Private Transfers either because the
amount being transferred is *private*!
## Worker as Poll
When the project is complete, the new software will be presented to the
witnesses as an opportunity to hard fork by switching to running the new
package/software. At that time witnesses will face a choice:
1. Honor the proposal at the time the decision to spend the private investor's money was made, or
2. Honor the proposal at the time the product is delivered (if it has changed in the mean time).
Acting against the wishes of Vote 2 could get them fired if enough people
disagree with them keeping the implied commitment of Vote 1.
Acting against the wishes of Vote 1 means that BitShares gets a reputation for
reneging on a prior vote upon which an entrepreneur has relied.
This means that even if some voters have changed their minds about this proposal
by installation time, they might *not* decide to fire otherwise faithful
witnesses for deciding to obey Vote 1 in order to preserve BitShares' reputation
in future deals.
Considering the participation rate in the worker poll: those who do not care
enough to vote are ignored in the decision making process as it is supposed to
## Privacy Mode not Most Pressingly Needed
The argument was raised that the Privacy Mode as proposed here is not the
feature most pressingly needed for BitShares right now.
## Worker Poll Interval too Short
# Copyright
This document is placed in the public domain.