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@ -15,6 +15,28 @@ operate in the traditional manner.
This feature would not change any existing behavior on the BitShares blockchain and would
only add new operations.
New State
| Field | Description |
|------------------------- |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| Creator | Account ID of the creator of this society. This account has permission to modify the properties of this society until the first membership account is funded and Karma has been issued. After Karma has been issued, the creator permissions are set to the top P membership accounts by total Karma vote. |
| P | The number of members who have joint control over the creator account. |
| Name | Used to identify the society. The name can be any UTF8 string up to 60 characters. |
| Description | Defines the high level purpose of the society |
| Decay Rate | Defines the rate at which karma in a society decays (% per day) |
| Karma Ratio | Defines the amount of karma each member earns per BTS of commitment |
| Vesting Period | Defines the rate in seconds at which Karma vests |
| URL | Defines a URL where more information about the society can be found |
| Total Karma | Tracks the total karma issued to all members of this society |
| Approval Threshold | The percent of karma voting required to approve a payment request |
| Total Approved Requests | The total amount of Karma that has been approved for donations, this number can be calculated by summing the requests |
| Total Payouts | Total BTS given to active requests. |
| Charity Percent | The percent of donations that may be given to charity requests |
| Active Charity Requests | The number of active charity requests that are allowed. The top N charity requests by Karma approval voting may receive donations from member's charity account. |
New Operations