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## Proposed Changes
* Allow description of the WP to updated.
* Allow WP Issuer ability to retire WP
* Possibly allow Committee to retire inactive WP
* Add bool field `removed` to worker object.
* Add check to `db_maint.cpp` to skip workers in removed state.
* Don't allow votes to workers in removed state(`account_evaluator.cpp`).
* Create operation `worker_update`. Op will allow to change only the `url` and the `removed` object fields from the worker (track the change in operation). Can follow `committee_member_update` or similars.
* Implement new operation as a command to `cli_wallet` available for the worker issuer.
* Allow `committee` to use `worker_update` against any account. Need more discussion on how it can be done.
Requires hardfork.
# Discussion