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BSIP: 1203 (unassigned)
Title: Retrieve Stealth UTXO sets by block-height range
Authors: Christopher J. Sanborn
Status: Draft
Type: Protocol
Created: 2018-01-29
Discussion: <url>
## Deprecation
The proposal of this BSIP is now merged into the BSIP titled "Blockchain scanning for inbound Stealth transactions". This file will soon be removed.
## Abstract
To extend the WebSocket API to include a method to retrieve Confidential (blind or stealth) UTXO sets by block-height range.
## Motivation
The current API specification only allows for the retrieval of a single UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output), and requires the requestor to know in advance the Pedersen commitment of the desired UTXO. The method of request does not allow for discovery of inbound transactions, and this is the reason why the current implementation of blind transactions depends on participants transmitting out-of-band receipts to the recipient. This introduces a risk of lost funds should the receipt go untransmitted, or become lost.
To support automatic discovery of inbound funds, it is proposed to allow wallet clients to retrieve entire sets of Confidential UTXOs (CTXOs) and scan them client-side to determine which ones are directed to the scanning wallet. This BSIP documents a proposed API extension to allow retrieval of CTXOs by block-height range to facilitate this purpose. Complementing this BSIP is BSIP 1204(temporary) which documents the broader process of scanning for inbound transactions, including necessary changes to the Stealth Memo format to enable discovery.
## Rationale
## Specifications
## Discussion
## Summary for Shareholders
## Copyright
This document is placed in the public domain.
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