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Forked from squishyhuman/c-libp2p Implementation of libp2p in C.

Updated 2023-11-27 08:59:01 +00:00

Forked from jmjatlanta/c-multiaddr multiaddr for IPFS in C.

Updated 2023-11-27 08:58:28 +00:00

Forked from xethyrion/c-ipfs IPFS implementation in C. Why C? Think about archive backups, eliminate http and DNS attack vectors, OpenWrt routers (decentralize the internet/meshnet!), Android TV and seeder streams, decentralized Media, decentralized websites, decentralized Apps, Browsers and mobile chat, decentralized CDN's and App Stores, RasPi's, old pc's and more...

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Forked from squishyhuman/c-protobuf Protobuf for c-ipfs implementation

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Forked from multiformats/c-multihash multihash for IPFS in C.

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